WOD: 05/27/2016


We will have one BIG 9:30am” Murph”! Prep yourselves to give your all that day with your CFLC family in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all the many, many others that have given the ultimate sacrifice to serve the beautiful U.S.A. Hope you can make it!


A. Thrusters
EMOM x 7 min:
Min 1: 7 Thrusters
Min 2: 6 Thrusters
Min 3: 5 Thrusters
Min 4: 4 Thrusters
Min 5: 3 Thrusters
Min 6: 2 Thrusters
Min 7: 1 Thruster

-Increase weight every minute. No “thrust-a-jerks” allowed, meaning do not rebend the knees or “jerk” back under the bar once you come out of the squat.


B. Conditioning
” Diane”
Dead Lift, 225/155 lbs

***LEADER BOARD WOD: to be considered RX, hands musts be on an even surface as the head for HSPU. So do them on one of the flat crash mats or, if you like to use and ab mat, put a 45lb plate on each side for the hands***

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