Getting Started

So you think you might want to maybe check out CrossFit Lake Charles? freeClassBadge

Ok, it is really easy to do!

Call us @ 337.721.3262 or email us and set up your FREE Introduction.

Once you come in and complete your Introduction, the next step should you choose to proceed is attending the Fundamentals Classes.  All three of them. There is a one time fee for this and it is mandatory to attend classes. We know it is the best way for us to safely coach you to the desired result you are after. CrossFit is intense and before you EVER get to the intensity we need to spend some time with you on mechanics of movement. get some consistency with those mechanics…then and only then can you safely turn up the intensity. After fundamentals are complete, it’s into our class environment.

You have to experience a class to fully understand how and why we are so different than any other gym. We are not like P90 X or Insanity or any other program. They may resemble some aspect of what we do, but only a small percentage of it is even relevant once you get the broad scope of what CrossFit affects in your life. We know we are not for everybody and that is ok with us. We want students/athletes/moms/businesspeople/refinery workers who want to live a healthy powerful life. You get to choose everyday if that is you. If it is give us a call to schedule your appointment!