May 2016 Athlete Of The Month- Coy Vincent

July 3rd, 1961

When did you start CrossFit?
I started CF in 2010.

Were you exercising before CF? If so, tell us about your typical workout.
I have always done some form of exercise. I played mens league recreation basketball and pick up games twice a week through my mid 40′s. I have always been a runner, too. I then progressed the the normal globo gym (GiGis , Dymamic) after ending basketball. I started CF in Sulphur because the gym was boring and CF was the new thing. They shut down and that’s when I came to CFLC.

What was your very first CF workout?
I don’t remember my very first CF workout but I do remember an early workout. It was 100 burpee pullups. That was one of two times ( again at Open 14.5) that I wanted to quit and asked myself “what
the hell are you doing this for?”.

Describe that experience in three words.
Brutal, Unending, Killer

What is your favorite CF exercise?
Not sure I have a favorite. Why would anyone in their right mind have a favorite? I would say one that I hate is wallballs.

Your least favorite?
Without a doubt, least favorite is burpees.

What results have you seen since starting your CrossFit journey?
As is typical, when I started CFLC I thought that I was in pretty decent shape. The first day proves that no matter what you think, or your exercise history, you are sadly wrong. In addition, I have “fatty liver” disease. Continued elevated liver numbers will lead to liver damage and fatigue. Which means I should exercise regularly, not drink and not eat fatty foods. With CF I can maintain “normal” liver levels (while cheating a little). I have annual blood work done to monitor my liver and the doctor is always amazed of how I keep my levels normal. CF is a direct effect of this.

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?
My most proud CF accomplishment is ring MU. I can now do all CF prescribed movements except handstand walk. I am amazed at those who can perform those.

What CF goal are you working towards?
My current goal is to improve overall. I would like to give a more concerted effort over the next couple years to see how far I can get. My sons are getting more into CF and they want to compete; it pushes me to compare scores.

What do you like most about CrossFit Lake Charles?
What I like best about CFLC is the camaraderie. We are all here to exercise and get better and live healthy. We are all pulling for each other no matter at what level.

Favorite color?

Favorite food?
Filet Mignon

Favorite quote?
Live right and good things will happen to you. Maybe not a quote but I have always tried to live that way.

A word from the CFLC about Coy….

Coy has been a staple at CrossFit Lake Charles since pretty much the beginning. I really don’t remember a time when he wasn’t kicking ass and wowing all the youngsters. He’s the story I tell any naysayer. You know the type; 40+ with every excuse in the book…..I’m too old, my knees hurt, I can’t do any of that. I tell them I hope I’m as amazing as Coy when I grow up. And then to watch him step into the competitive world of CrossFit over the past couple of years?! Inspiring. Generally, tax season has pulled him away from CrossFit at the most critical time for any competitor, leading up to the Open, so he’s never felt prepared to go all in. Not this year, though. This year he made it a point to stay present in the Box and put in the work in hopes of doing his best in the Open. We were all so proud of him when he placed high in his age bracket and moved on to the second round of competition; the Master’s Qualifier. He finally saw what I’ve been seeing all along; he’s a beast! I hear that and more praise from everyone that works out alongside him. Congratulations on all your hard work, Coy! Recognition well deserved! Thanks for being a part of our family and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for you.