November 2015 Athlete Of The Month: Caitlin Guillory

When did you start CrossFit?

I started in September 2013. I don’t think I’ve ever been so intimidated and nervous as the day I walked into the box, but I am so glad I did. I didn’t know a single soul. I had a friend that loved crossfit, but her box was in a location that didn’t work for me. I went back and forth between choosing the downtown LC box (where I work) and the Sulphur box (where I live). I definitely made the right choice!

Were you exercising before CF? If so, tell us about your typical workout.

Nope – I was a total couch potato! I was active in high school and college. It all went downhill when I started working full time and was spending 40-60 hours a week at a desk. I gained about 30 pounds and became pretty inactive while studying for the CPA exam, which ate up another 30 hours a week.

What was your very first CF workout?
150 wall balls for time. Thank God there was a time cap, or I may not have ever come back.

Describe that experience in three words.
That sucked balls.

What is your favorite CF exercise?
I really like double unders (now that I can actually do them) and pistols. I’m really starting to like a lot of the lifts as well: squats, cleans, jerks.

Your least favorite?
Burpees, burpees and burpees. Did I mention burpees? And maybe snatches too, because they are just so technically complicated.

What results have you seen since starting your CrossFit journey?
The biggest thing I have gained is confidence. Also, I love that I can feel myself getting stronger every day. It feels awesome to go to the store and be able to lift up the big bag of dog food into my cart or have the ability to squat for several minutes to play with my dogs. I’ve lost a little weight, but the biggest takeaway for me is how great I feel on a daily basis. I feel like the recent paleo challenge made me realize how great you can feel if you give your body the right food.

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?
The other day I did 25 consecutive double-unders. I’ve been working on them for a few months and I remember struggling for a while just to string 2 together. In general, I am usually pretty proud when I finish a workout before the time-cap. Oh, and I’m still proud of hitting a 100# overhead squat (even though that was almost a month ago)!

What CF goal are you working towards?
Unassisted pull-ups and a stronger upper body in general. I also would like to improve my running, but it just sucks so much! I’m looking forward to the day when I can start doing some workouts RX!!!

What do you like most about CrossFit Lake Charles?
I LOVE the people and the coaches. I am overwhelmed by all of the support and encouragement on a daily basis. This has really helped me for some days/months where I was struggling, especially when coming back from shoulder surgery. For me, seeing how excited people get when I accomplish a goal I’ve been working on is so unreal (I’m talking about you Ashley and Megan- y’all rock!). I love that coaches and even classmates push you to do things you never thought were possible. I like that we have people of all ages and athletic abilities from all walks of life, and everyone is so encouraging of everyone else even if they don’t know that person. The atmosphere at the box is great- each day that I work out I really look forward to it because I know I’m going to be there with some kick-ass people.

Favorite color?
Purple (geaux tigers!)

Favorite food?
I should probably put something paleo here, like cauliflower or sweet potatoes. But the answer is nachos.

Favorite quote?
Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR.

Anything you’d like to add?
Thank you to all the coaches who push me day in and day out to do things I don’t think I can do. I definitely get in my own head sometimes and get intimidated by the amount of weight on the bar or the number of reps in a workout. I’ve never considered myself an athlete, so for Ashley to consider me deserving of this award is a little crazy to me. I really feel honored; it’s a great feeling when other people take time to recognize your accomplishments, especially when you don’t recognize them yourself. I think of where I started and it’s truly amazing to me how far I’ve come. I remember when the 25# bar seemed heavy, and things got REALLY heavy when you added a 10# plate on each side. As more and more of my max lifts hit triple digits, it’s amazing to think back to the beginning of my crossfit journey and how far I’ve come (or more appropriately, how far I’ve been pushed).

A word from CFLC on Caitlin…

It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Caitlin transform. From day one she’s been sweet and quiet; she’d come in, say hi, set up her station and get her work in. Then she’d be gone. She’d come back the next day ready to do it all again. Never really called attention to herself. Opposite, really; I think she’d try to hide from me. Then came the unfortunate news that she’d have to have shoulder surgery. That sucked, but she took it in stride. Stayed positive. It wasn’t until after her shoulder surgery (totally reverse of the norm) that she turned up the heat. Something changed when she returned. Her body language just screamed “Bring it on!”. These days I get to see her PR’ing at something nearly every single day. She’s throwing around multiples at weights she couldn’t do a single at pre surgery. I tell her to put 10 more lbs on and she’ll shrug and say “OK.” She can double under. She’s putting in extra work to master the rope climb. I can’t even keep up with updating her name on the leader board! Add all of that to her recent weight loss and that shiny new confidence and Caitlin was an easy pick for our next Athlete of the Month. Her husband, Justin, recently joined the family, too, and it’s been fun watching him finally understand what she’s been working so hard at for these last few years. I really got to get to know Caitlin better when she joined us for our CrossFit Costa Rica vacation last summer. I had a blast with her; trying new things and enjoying life. Caitlin, you have been an absolute pleasure to coach and I want to take the time to congratulate you on all of your amazing accomplishments. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life. Looking forward to what the future brings your way!