Anna Crawford

What i like most about Crossfit Lake Charles is the complete welcoming, encouraging, motivating, and respectful atmosphere. When I joined, I told Ashley ”OK. I’m fat, 55, have high B/P, smoke, and, want a challenge. I don’t want to injure myself, but I will do everything that you all tell me to, or think I can, do”. All of the coaches give you the motivation to push beyond the limits of where you could never imagine going without them. They break down movements and explain them in a way that allows you to perform them correctly, most efficiently, and prevent injury. It’s like having your own personal trainer. They watch our progress, and take us to that next level that we don’t see possible, then, get just as excited with our achievements. Although my physical capabilities are not that of most all the others at my box, our coaches always make me feel as though I am equal. If heart, determination, and desire equal athletic abilities, then I am. I love the love that I feel from coaches, and classmates. Every one of us walk into that box with our own daily struggles, and walk out a stronger, better person. It’s a feeling I’ve not had after any other exercise class. That’s not to take away from other classes I’ve attended, only recognizing what Crossfit Lake Charles gives me regularly. I suppose its true…………the teacher presents when the student is ready.