Katrina Freeman Testimonial

CFLC has impacted my life in more ways than just the obvious. The results I've seen are both physical and mental. I live a healthier lifestyle. Physically, I have more energy. I eat better (because I'm thinking about the WOD and how I won't get through it if I eat crappy food), I sleep better. Basically, my life is better. I'm happier with who I am more than I've ever been in my life. And I really thought I liked myself already. I feel like I'm a better wife, better mother, better person because I'm finally starting to be confident in myself again. Every day, after leaving the gym, I have such a huge sense of accomplishment. Even though I might be exhausted, and my hands are ripped up, and I can tell that I won't be able to walk the next day, all I can think about is how proud I am of what I'm doing. And the fact that my kids see that Mommy's trying to be more healthy. They can't wait till Crossfit Kids starts.